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Our software is the only League and Tournament creator and manager in the
market dedicated to the extreme needs of Table Tennis. is an
end-to-end solution that lets you create and manage your events in 3 easy steps.



Prepare and publish your event with the automated event page generator and let your participantas enroll through the online Entry Form.



Schedule the games with the scheduler and its tools. Procceed with the draw within seconds by utilizing the automated draw system and manage the whole event from just one screen.


Publish & Archive

Live score, stats, schedule, draws and many more are automatically available to anyone through the event webpage. All the information remains available for everyone to revisit in the future and ranking is automatically calculated.


Save time work and effort with our advanced automatic draw system. It is the only system utilizing the official draw rules of ITTF along with the ranking and a variety of draw options. Finish the draw phase of your tournament in a matter of minutes, no matter the number of competitors, and let the participants get informed in real time through the event page. The system is so flexible since it is designed based on the needs of Table Tennis Tournaments, that even lets you create tournaments with or without “Byes”. Both automatic and manual creation settings are also available.

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Increase participation rate and save time by integrating to your
Championship,League or Event.Everyone will enjoy a variety of features,
making your life easier and your events more appealing.

1. Organizers, Federations

Enjoy the benefits of this state of the art software with a variety of features. The best competition management software in the market will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend organizing competitions.

  • Create and control every aspect (end-to-end) of your events through the event manager.

  • Control your events from anywhere and whenever you want since it is cloud based.

  • Fully automated system, from the participants entry form to the draw and finally the results.

  • Live Feed - The system is connected and everything gets updated in real time

2. Players

Every bit of information from any device, anywhere and anytime with real time update. Give the participants and visitors of your events page the opportunity to enjoy a vast variety of information and stats.

  • Participating Clubs and Players list

  • Groups,KO and Consolation games & Games Timetable

  • Announcement Board

  • Player Stats

  • Live Score & many more..

3. Teams

Private access for teams with players management system and easy tournaments sign-up. All teams have the opportunity to create their profile, manage their players and have all information and stats in one place.

  • Teams can manage all their players and enrol them in events with a single click

  • All player stats get automatically update allowing for better performance

  • Team managers get instantly informed of new events,tournaments and federation news from a single platform.

  • Live Feed - The system is connected and everything gets updated in real time

4. Umpires

Register umpires and update scores in real time with the umpires scoring app. Empower your umpires and upgrade the level of information flow.

  • User friendly scoring app that works on any device in order to update score in real time.

  • Umpires registration system with unique password generator.

  • Automated Umpires association with the games they arbitrate.

Have a look on some past events. EVENTS

RESPONSIVE DESIGN works great on any device. Give the freedom to your participants and
visitors to visit your event page from any device they prefer.

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Our interface is designed from scratch in order to offer you total control in the easiest way possible. You can have the absolute control of your venue in a glimpse of an eye through our tables manager. Only one screen is needed in order to fill empty tables, associate tables to games, keep track of matches and score, edit-add-delete information and many more.


If you want to learn more about the capabilities of, get in touch with us and arrange a demo session.

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TOTAL CONTROL takes care of everything, from the enrollment of the participants
with the online Entry Form and automatic creation of the players list to the
real time presentation of results, scores, stats and many more.

POWERFUL FEATURES is loaded with tons of amazing features that will make your life
easier and will upgrade your tournament to a whole new level.

Tournament Creator and Manager

Customize each tournament to your needs by setting different options per tournament and category. You can also quickly monitor your tournament through the featured stats.

Reports,Slips and Records

A plethora of reports on every aspect of the game such as Group games schedule, KO tree with schedule, Final results, Game Slips, official or unofficial and many more.

Event WebPage Generator

Every event is unique, thus, for every event a unique Webpage is created on the front end allowing you to keep everyone informed in real time with no extra hustle.

Live Score & Real Time Statistics

Allow your event website visitors to watch live score of any game they like and upgrade the quality and quantity of information they get by offering them game and player stats in real time.


Schedule the whole event with the Scheduler. Edit date, game time and starting time and let the smart auto-fill do all the rest based on your available tables. If you prefer, you could also do it manually.

ITTF Draw Rules is the only Table Tennis Tournament Manager with automated draw system that utilizes all the Official ITTF Draw Rules. Federations already use it on their official events.

Online Entry Form

Populate the participants list of your event automatically by giving access to the online entry form. Participants enrol on their own by adding on the online entry form all the necessary information you request and your event participation list is ready.

Automatic Ranking Update

Integrate in your championship and enjoy the benefits of the Automatic Ranking Update. After every event ranking is automatically re-calculated and you can publish it whenever you like.


Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and most of your questions will be solved. If you still have questions, contact us and we will solve them.

I wish to integrate in my championship, what is the process?

The process is really simple, all you have to do is contact us in order to create your account. We will provide you with a username and password and from there you can log in and start using within seconds.

How much does it cost? offers multiple charging schemes according to your needs. The most common scheme is the “per participant”. A minimum cost is applied for each event plus a small amount for every participant in the event. Contact us in order learn more or talk about a custom pricing scheme based on your needs.

Can I use only for one event?

Yes, you can! Every event is standalone but can also be combined within a championship or league. However we advise to use throughout the whole championship in order to take full advantage of its features.

Do you provide Custom Services?

Yes, we do. If you have a special request such as a new feature, setting or other, we can do it for you. All you have to do is contact us and explain what you need.

Can cover the needs of a National Federation?

Yes it can! was primarily built for the needs of National Federations. It is the only software capable of dealing with the extreme needs of official events throughout the season. Furthermore, we offer special services exclusively to Federations.

How about Tournament Services?

Yes. was built in collaboration with professional Tournament organizers thus we can offer you professional Tournament services (Personnel, Umpires, Managerial, Equipment and more). We can organize the whole event from scratch if needed.


You want some extra information about Watch this video to learn more about the software and its unique capabilities. Get a glimpse on some of its powerful features and if you are still not convinced, get in touch to schedule a demo with one of our experts.



Table Tennis tournaments creation and management is still done by hand or at best with the help of spreadsheets, even though the sport has
extreme needs when it comes to scheduling and drawing, because of the massive amount of games played in a very short period of time (usually a
couple of days),
organizers prepare and manage them manually. This results to costly events due to the need for more personnel,lack of real time
information to participants and visitors and poor time management... The main reason for this underutilization of resources is the lack of tools.

We are here to change that… is a collaboration of web developers, Table Tennis organizers and coaches aiming in bringing the sport to the digital era. Our solution
is dedicated to Table Tennis and utilizes the official ITTF rules.

Our mission is to make Table Tennis Leagues, Championships and Events creation, management and presentation easy, fast and appealing.
Let’s make the sport better and more appealing instead of wasting time in paperwork.

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